Founded in 2015, ROBINSON is the culmination of a passion for timeless design, an appreciation of exceptional craftsmanship and a quest for sustainability.

Scouring the globe, we seek out products that transcend ephemeral trends and symbolize enduring aesthetics. Each brand we represent is a story to tell, a promise of quality to offer our customers.

Our selection is much more than just a collection of brands. We've meticulously designed our product range as if we were putting together the inventory of our own boutique, where each piece has its place and purpose. Despite their diversity, our brands share a graphic coherence, a harmony of design that complements and enhances each other.

We value the long-term sustainability of products, highlighting brands that use noble, sustainable materials. Our rigorous selection has led to collaboration with leading retailers who are highly selective and focused on quality. We aim to be more than just a supplier to our retailers. We are a reliable partner, committed to a lasting relationship, with a common goal of providing consumers with exceptional products that enrich their daily lives.

Explore the world of ROBINSON and discover how our passion for exceptional design, impeccable craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability can make all the difference to your store.

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Since our foundation, we have considered our participation in renowned international design fairs, such as Maison & Objet Paris and Ambiente Frankfurt, as an essential part of our commitment to our customers.

For us, these prestigious trade shows are much more than just a commercial event. They represent privileged moments to exchange and interact directly with our customers and partners. It's a valuable opportunity not only to strengthen existing relationships, but also to forge new ones.

At these trade shows, we place great importance on listening to and understanding our partners' needs and expectations. We know that each store or reseller has its own specific preferences and requirements, and we strive to meet their needs in a personalized way. These direct exchanges enable us to adjust our offer and ensure that we provide the most suitable products for their customers.

Beyond the commercial aspects, we see these shows as opportunities to share our common passion for design, discover new trends and forge fruitful collaborations. It's a time when we can present our latest collections, discuss manufacturing processes, and explain our philosophy of sustainability and authenticity.

We are deeply grateful to our customers and partners who join us at these events. Their presence and feedback are essential in helping us evolve our offering and continue to provide superior products and services.


At ROBINSON, we've designed our agency with your needs in mind. Whether you're looking for total autonomy or personalized support, we've developed solutions to meet your needs.

If you prefer a stand-alone approach, our B2B platform is at your disposal. It allows you to place orders easily and at any time. You'll have access to our complete catalog, with detailed information on every product, from technical specifications and packaging to delivery times. This online solution gives you total flexibility to manage your purchasing and inventory according to your specific needs.


If you're looking for personalized advice and guidance, our dedicated sales agents are there for you.

These experienced professionals will guide you through our product selection, answer all your questions and help you find the solutions that best meet your expectations. They are also available to meet you in-store and present our products in an immersive and tangible way.

We understand that every customer is unique, with specific preferences and expectations. That's why we strive to offer you a tailor-made buying experience, whether you choose our B2B platform or opt for our skilled sales agents. Our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction at every stage of your journey with us.



At ROBINSON, we firmly believe that behind every product lies a unique story that deserves to be told. This story is often that of the designer, a creator who combines vision, craftsmanship and dedication to create products of unsurpassed quality. As representatives of these brands, we have the privilege and responsibility of preserving these stories, honoring them and sharing them with our customers.

To achieve this, we do more than simply distribute products. We tell the stories of those who shaped them, explaining the inspiration behind each design, revealing the intricate creation and manufacturing process, and highlighting the passion and dedication that sets these brands apart. We believe that when our customers understand the origin of each product, they can not only appreciate the beauty and quality of the design, but also feel a deeper connection with the product.

With this in mind, we have set up several communication channels. On our YouTube channel, we share videos that detail each collection and product, offering insights into textures, materials and manufacturing processes. On our Instagram page, we share captivating images that illustrate each brand's unique aesthetic and style. Finally, our newsletter features in-depth articles and exclusive interviews highlighting the designers and their work.

Each of these channels allows us to pass on these precious stories, to give designers a voice, and to share the authenticity and originality of each brand with our customers.

The right products at the right time

When it comes to logistics, we make no compromises. That's why we've chosen to work with a professional logistics platform, one of the most respected logistics companies in France. Renowned for its efficiency, it is the preferred partner of department stores, the French army and luxury brands.

Working with a logistics platform means choosing the assurance of top-quality service, but also a commitment to perfection. While this choice comes at a cost, we are convinced that it is essential to ensure that every parcel arrives not only in perfect condition, but also on time.

We are well aware that the image of our company and our partner brands depends on the excellence of our logistics services. That is why we have made it a point of honour to ensure impeccable quality and precision in all aspects of our logistics.


Founded by Marco Beretta, {STAMBERGA}® houses a multitude of treasures, combining photography, art, books and a space dedicated to Japanese design stationery, named PAPER 文房具屋. Discover all our collections in this intimate gallery boutique in the heart of Milan all year round.

Situated in the "Quadrilatero del Silenzio" district, this unusually tranquil area offers surprises between two streets, revealing secret gardens in the heart of Milan. 

Over the years, our encounters at design fairs have nurtured a strong friendship with Marco. It was through these passionate exchanges that we discovered our affinity for travel, products sourced from the four corners of the globe and our shared passion for photography. 

If you have a store in Italy or would like to visit the showroom, please contact Marco at


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