DRILLOG is a brand of writing instruments that focuses on metal dip pens with a unique structure based on the themes of "exploration" and "dialogue".

The brand name "DRILLOG" is a word coined by combining the words "DRILL", which is also a cutting tool and means repetition and drive, and "DIALOG", which means conversation. Like a drill going into the ground, we want to explore the universal appeal and potential of writing instruments and create products that generate a rich dialogue.


Discover a design philosophy that embraces purity and timelessness, celebrating the inherent allure of the materials themselves.

The architectural design of the pen body presents a harmonious interplay between traditional structure and modern aesthetic. A fusion of body and cap, the shape takes on the grace of a singular stem, accentuating the intrinsic charm of the material.

The AL collection, born of aluminum, is distinguished by its weightlessness and a spectrum of captivating hues.Immerse yourself in the choice of colors, each vividly anodized and imbued with the essence of the minerals whose names it bears. It's a personal journey through color and meaning, a reflection of nature's myriad expressions.

The tactile experience of the AL series is different from that of glass pens or fountain pens, offering a new, distinct and invigorating writing comfort.

Let yourself be seduced by the art of the AL series. Enhance your writing ritual with a piece that not only captures the essence of the earth, but also redefines the sensory connection between hand and page.


We unveil the iconic DRILLOG symbol: the drill nib. This distinctive emblem stands for precision, creativity and a resolute commitment to a flawless writing experience.

Manufactured using meticulous CNC metal cutting, the nib achieves impeccable precision in the creation of writing lines.

The 0.5 mm width is a versatile choice, ideal for delicate letters and sketches, while the 0.8 mm width works perfectly with glitter and viscous inks, adding an enchanting dimension to your creations.

For ink aficionados looking for generous flow, the 1.2 mm character width is an attractive option. This line width lets you take advantage of the richness of the ink, supported by an innovative ink retention structure that guarantees uninterrupted writing.

Engraved spiral grooves on the body of the pen act as ink reservoirs, enhancing the efficiency of your writing sessions by accommodating a substantial ink reserve.

It's important to note, however, that the drying of the ink can influence the writing area, depending on your pace.

Welcome to the world of DRILLOG - a celebration of thoughtful design, versatility and the harmonious union of form and function. Discover the drill nib - a signature innovation designed for discerning writers and creatives.



Shion Co. Ltd, the parent company of DRILLOG, stands out for its specialized metal processing plant for aeronautical components.

With a wealth of experience acquired over more than 40 years of operation, the DRILLOG plant has perfected its metalworking techniques through a multitude of contract processes. This expertise, forged over decades, is the pillar on which the quality and precision of our products rest.

슬로우 약국의 창시자

For Lee and Jeong, a plant can be at the center of everyone's life, influencing our decisions, attitudes and relationships. 

It can replace a television set, for example, and determine how we spend our time after work, how we approach work, and who we even meet," Lee explained.

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It matters, for example, how much time you spend at home and how the air quality in your home changes during each season.


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