Rediscovering the love of writing

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian stationery company that brings whimsy and enchantment to the world. Having exploded onto the scene in 2018 following the first (of 3) incredibly successful Kickstarter campaigns, Ferris Wheel Press is a brand that has married the combination of traditional stationery and highly effective contemporary marketing to create a brand that appeals to pen aficionados and aesthetically motivated novices alike. 


All packaging is designed and created in-house by Ferris Wheel Press, which not only adds to the brand's charm but also fits in with its ideal of "useful" packaging, according to which all packaging is recyclable and reusable. Even the inside of the packaging is highly aesthetic, which certainly helps to promote the brand thanks to its "instagrammable" image and interest in social networks.

Each ink has a color profile depending on the different tones but also with or without reflections and flakes, for example Radiant Rosewing below:

Ink tone: pink with gold/pink duochrome highlights
Characteristics: Radiant, warming, sunny, rejuvenating


Ferris wheel press Joule fountain pen


The Joule fountain pen is the embodiment of creative energy in the Ferris Wheel Press world. It is Ferris Wheel Press' first writing instrument, carefully crafted in brass and finished in a superb transparent sapphire lacquer.

The Joule is decorated with captivating details protected by double-layer genuine gold plating. The Joule is proudly equipped with a two-tone, full-size No. 6 steel nib. Expect a joyful writing experience with this playful new nib that offers satisfying ink flow and low feedback.


This collection of fountain pens is inspired by the artist's brush to offer exceptional balance and comfort during prolonged writing. Handcrafted from copper, brass and stainless steel, every detail of the grip is meticulously engraved in brass. The Ferris Wheel Press brush fountain pen offers smooth, balanced writing, although some users may find it slightly smaller in hand due to its slim design. In short, each pen embodies attention to detail and offers a quality writing experience, even if its format may take some getting used to for those accustomed to larger pens.


The Carousel is a playful writing instrument that combines tactility and nostalgia in a lightweight body to create a charming experience down to the smallest detail.

The custom-ground steel nib is supple and agile, producing beautifully nuanced lines thanks to its subtle flexibility. Available in fine and medium weights, this nib is stamped with a galloping horse that dances to the rhythm of your words.

Ferris wheel press carousel aluminium


Using the same smooth, playful rectified steel nib as the Carousel collection, this aluminum version is a substantial writing instrument that invites new stationery users to discover the joys of handwritten correspondence.

Made from precision-milled, aircraft-grade aluminum.

A bold brand in a world of giants

Ferris Wheel Press bills itself as a "maker of iconic stationery" and promises to make you "fall in love with writing all over again" - bold statements for a relatively young brand entering a world of stationery giants with decades, if not centuries, of history and establishment. 

It would be foolish to suggest that good products only come from long-established companies, but what's interesting about Ferris Wheel Press is that comments on social networks as well as articles specializing in writing instruments and stationery in general seem to agree that Ferris Wheel Press is one of those rare brands that lives up to the hype.


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